Treveri Brut: A Toast to Obama


It’s Election Day and America’s off to the poles. We, on the other hand, tasted Treveri “Blanc de Blanc” Brut from Treveri Cellars, a bubbly that all holiday state department dinners at the White House have recently been serving. It is the first time, supposedly, that the White House has poured a non-California sparkling wine, since they began serving domestic bubbly.

Onto our notes:

A lovely light gold in the glass with even bubbles. The nose is peculiarly yeasty, and not at all cluing us into the amazing burst on the palate of lemon peel and limes, peaches and apricots. On the lingering finish, the limes sweep everything else aside. The acids are spot on to keep the fruit in check, creating a nicely balanced bubbly.

It’s interesting to see what is good enough for the White House, and we can see the love. The Treveri Brut – made in the traditional method used in Champagne – is a solid sparkling wine that is neither too conservative in its bubbles not too liberal with the fruit. A surefire crowd-pleaser for all manners of palates. It’s also very fairly priced at 14 dollars.

About Treveri Cellars:

The name “Treveri” comes from the historic name of the city of Trier, Germany, home of Treveri’s winemaker Jurgen Grieb. Treveri Cellars is a family-owned sparkling wine house that opened its doors on November 2010. Producing a wide array of sparkling wines, including non-traditional varieties such as Riesling and Mueller-Thurgau, Treveri largely focuses on 100% varietal sparkling wines. Treveri currently produces 5,000 cases of wine annually.