Haywire Portfolio Tasting


Recently at the Vancouver Urban Winery, Haywire Winery and the Okanagan Crushpad had a portfolio tasting that gave us a pair of solid rosés out of the Okanagan Valley, and also introduced an interesting Semillon aged in an even more interesting concrete egg.

Here are my meandering thoughts:

Haywire Crush Pad White – A blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris from the Oliver area in the Okanagan valley. The Crush Pad White had a tight nose that wasn’t very giving. Crisp apple, stone fruit that leaned towards a near-ripe peach, and on the palate, a crisp, dry apple dominated. Refreshing, long finish.

Haywire Crush Pad Rosé – 100% Gamay Noir from the Secrest Vineyard in Oliver, BC
Hints of strawberry and rhubarb on the nose, and tangy citrus on the palate. A quality rosé that is ready to drink, though my favorite rosé in the tasting was the Bartier Scholefield, which hails from the same vintage and same vineyard (see below).

Haywire Crush Pad Red – Blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon
A nose of ripe plums and red licorice and the juiciness of plums and light berry jam on the palate, supported by soft tannins. The Crush Pad Red is easy drinking and approachable, and most definitely for a new world palate.

Bartier Scholefield Gamay Noir Rosé – 100% Gamay Noir from the Secrest Vineyard in Oliver, BC
Oh, what a nose. This rosé was full of sweet summer strawberry, which was accompanied by watermelon on the palate. Light and crisp, this is an amazing summer wine. Definitely my style of rosé.

What was interesting was that the Bartier Scholefield rosé comes from the very same vineyard as the Haywire Crush Pad rosé, but was picked two weeks later. It was a treat getting to sample two wines of the same grape from the same vineyard and experience how they differ. The Bartier Scholefield displayed a much more summery feel with its sweet strawberry on the nose, which makes me wonder about what a difference two weeks might have.

Kurtis by Kurtis KoltKurtis by Kurtis Kolt – 100% Semillon from the Cerqueira Vineyard in Oliver, BC
Dominant tangerine peel and citrus notes on the nose, and a sweetness, perhaps apricot, that was hard to pin down. On the palate, there was a rush of tangy, lemony citrus, and a very pleasant finish. Kurtis says that the wine may develop rich fig and nougat notes, so perhaps that elusive sweetness is the nougat/fig still in its cocoon. This made for a very intriguing wine, and I’d urge you to drink one bottle now and hold the other for a few years to see how it develops.

And as I already mentioned earlier, this Semillon was aged in a concrete age – apparently Egg 15 to be exact, for all you numerologists out there. So no oak on this lovely wine.

  1. I think all of the wines that come out of Okanagan Crush Pad are very reliable. A personal favourite of mine though, is the “Bartier Bros.” brand. I find them to be a bit more complex and more interesting to drink …if you are into that sorta thing! 🙂

    • I’ve only had a chance to try Bartier Bros wines once, when they first came out, and – if I remember correctly – the rosé stood out for me with it’s strawberry-rhubarbiness that was just so “summery”. 🙂 Overall, the Okanagan Crush Pad is such a great thing to have in BC – a breath of fresh air and an establishment that provides more opportunity to winemakers.

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