2010 Stoneboat Chorus


The chorus is the catchiest, most memorable part of many songs, and true to its name, the 2010 Stoneboat Chorus is a memorable blend.

An intriguing concoction of six grapes (Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Viognier, Muller Thurgau, Kerner, Schoenburger), the perfumed nose is promising of delicious, juicy tropical fruits. On the palate, it then surprises nicely with bursts with crisp green apple, trailed by softer hints of peach. The refreshing acidity nicely dominates the alcohol (12.3%). A perfect wine for the summer BBQ and patio under the sun.

Though a unique blend, the racy acidity and nature of the 2010 Chorus are characteristic of what I think to be true Okanagan whites, which this British Columbia region is becoming to be increasingly known for.

Stoneboat Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery in the Okanagan valley, in British Columbia, Canada. The valley is a source of some whites. If you’re not familiar with the wines from the Okanagan, which can be spectacular (see our article on James Suckling’s tasting of Canadian wines), get your hands on some if you can.

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