The Red Baron of Wine


Here at Wineshout we love our innovators, and Baron Eric de Rothschild is one of the original innovators in the wine world. So having just received the lifetime achievement award from Wine Enthusiast, earlier in 2010 received the Southern Wine & Spirits of America Lifetime Achievement Award, and most notably he’s even gotten a New York building co-op board’s seal of approval – no small feat – after 20 other millionaires were passed over, the Baron’s a fitting topic to begin sharing with you wine links in this, the new year.

This Baron of red wine prestige, born in the USA and once the most sought-after bachelor in all of Paris, took over the management of legendary Lafite in 1974 and was very active in making it an exceptional estate. The changeover was hailed by multiple fabulous vintages, including 1975, 1976, and 1982, and the stage was set for several excellent wines through the ’90s and the first vintages of the 21st century.

For a closer look into how the Baron ticks, hop on over to this article in Elle, or hear it from the man
 himself in his “expensively accented English” in this rare interview.

And for a great write-up on the chateau he guided to new heights, check out this write-up by Chris Kissack aka the Wine Doctor.

We hope you enjoy the links and info we shared with you today. And if it’s helped you, help us by telling your friends. Thanks, and have a happy new year, everyone!

  1. I am glad I met the Red Baron of Wine. A very gifted person. Would love to learn more about wines too. Have a Great Day. And What is your favorite Wine Nowadays?

    • Glad you enjoyed the article! I’ll be writing about other interesting wine people as we go along. Not sure I have a favourite wine, but with it being winter, Zinfandels especially from California (Clos Du Val, Chateau Montelena) are really hitting the spot, as are Italian primitivos.

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