Thoughts on “With Wine, Emotion Matters”


David White wrote in the Palate Press that “There’s an emotional component to wine appreciation — and that shouldn’t be ignored” and he’s right on many levels.   — Source: Palate Press  

For me, emotion can change a wine depending on the time, place, or mood and having thoroughly enjoyed a wine on some fantastic evening, and then returning to more bottles of the same only to find them merely good on a ho-hum occasion can be perplexing but expected.

It’s interesting to also read that critics and wine lovers are swayed by a winemaker’s negative association to a wine, and this is as much a part of the human component to enjoying wine, or anything else for that matter. As much as the positive attracts, the negative repels. And both these emotions can empower us to act.

Would love to hear your experiences on when emotion really came into play with wine.