My Newest Fave App for #Winelovers


…and it wasn’t even made for wine, wineries or vineyards.

The Prisma filter app is a cut above the competition and on my most recent trip to wine country, I was blown away by the results after running the pics from my travels through the Prisma app.

Here, have a gander for yourself and let me know if you’ve tried it. Link up your results here.

Stag’s Hollow winery

Mystic River vineyard with Riverstone winery in the background …award-winning whites made on this soil.

The view from Liquidity winery …quite the bistro too.

Giant metal dandelion outside Liquidity winery’s bistro …art galore!

The patio at Bench 1775 winery …maybe the best lake view in the valley.

Meyer winery …radical Pinot Noir!

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