Game-Changing Winery Bistros in the Okanagan Valley


The Okanagan Valley has recently been touted by the likes of The Washington Post as the next best wine region to visit.

The tremendous quality of the wines, from zinging Rieslings and mainstay Pinot Gris to tart Pinot Noirs and spicy Syrahs plays a big part but there’s also been a recent surge in the number and quality of the winery bistros and restaurants that are making this little, remote valley a must-visit destination for wine lovers.

I wanted to give a shoutout here to a pair of winery bistros that are standouts and pushing the envelope or broadwning horizons with ridiculously good grub, ingenuity and glorious views of this picturesque valley.

Smoke and Oak Bistro at Wild Goose Winery

Just south of the tiny town of Okanagan Falls, the Smoke and Oak bistro delivers classic southern barbecue such as finger-licking good brisket alongside fusion dishes such as the amazingly delicate smoked tuna that invoke the Pacific Northwest. Specialties such as pig wings (barbecued pig’s feet) are surprising delights that make this lovely bbq joint stand out from the pack.

Liquidity Bistro

Also in Okanagan Falls, the Liquidity winery and bistro are perched high atop the hills with breathtaking views of rolling hillsides covered in vines, the mountains beyond and the lake down in the valley floor.

The visual delights don’t stop there. The art installations that dot the walls and landscape make for eye candy as you enjoy your lunch.

With an eclectic menu featuring flatbreads and salads on the lighter side to steak and charcuterie for heavier fare, its the quality of the ingredients and plating that sets Liquidity Bistro apart from many of the other establishments in the region.

And when you’re done munching in the sun, make sure to grab a bottle or three of their splendid bubbly.