Wayne Gretzky Estates No.99 Collection Pinot Grigio 2012


No99_PinotGrigioIt came as a complete surprise to me to see the Wayne Gretzky Estates brand come out with two Okanagan wines this spring. As it turns out, the whole Gretzky wine brand was dealt to Peller Estates in 2011 by Ontario’s Creekside Estate Winery. And as far as I can tell, no draft picks changed hands.

As a wee Prairie boy growing up, the Wayne Gretzky signature – so easily recognizable to any Canadian kid – created an emotional response that has less to do with wine and more to do with hockey collectibles of years past than, and very much to do with my urge to see what the wine is all about, and in hockey fan lingo, “get closer to the game”.

So let’s see what’s in the bottle…

The 2012 Pinot Grigio is pale in color, with a nose of candied pear, peach, honey melon, and sweet peas.

On the palate, there are pears, peach, honey melon and a hint of citrus on the finish.

This is a medium-bodied wine, with medium acidity and a soft mouthfeel.

It’s an easy drinker, best served ice cold so perfect for a hopefully hot west coast summer, and definitely for drinking now.

About Wayne Gretzky Estates

Wayne Gretzky established Wayne Gretzky Estates to raise funds for the Wayne Gretzky Foundation, which supports numerous charities, including minor hockey programs for less-fortunate kids.


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