La Stella Vivace ’15 – Grigio with Grace


Western Canada isn’t the first place you might think of when there’s talk of Pinot Grigio, but it should be in the conversation.

Yes, northern Italy is the motherland of this zesty varietal wine after migrating from Burgundy. But the Okanagan Valley, tucked in the mountains of British Columbia, Gris/Grigio has flourished. To the point that it has become the most planted grape variety in the region. Amidst the sea of Okanagan Gris, its Italian expression is a minority.

Winemaker Severine Pinte at La Stella Winery, in the south of the valley, has done splendid work with this grape, and the 2015 vintage – picked early in a warm growing season from vineyards in both the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys – is no exception. It’s 100% grigio, aged in steel.

Vivace ’15 shines like light and bright hay in the glass. A honeydew, pears and grapefruit nose lead to citrus dominance on the palate. Crisp acidity tips the scales gracefully, tempering the fruit. Vivace is the bloom of spring in every sip.