Dude, Where’s My Cab? (The King of Online Wine Sales)


More of us are staying home and buying more wine online, Cab Sauv more than any other varietal wine.

The View from Bonitas WineryAccording to stats provided by Wines & Vines, direct-to-consumer shipments from U.S. wineries increased by 17% from August 2013 and August 2014). Online flash sales, promising deep discounts to fast-acting oenophiles) especially gained ground, and Cabernet Sauvignon made up a healthy quarter of all flash sale offers from the same period, Napa County, the holy grail for American Cabernet, accounted for more than half of all the Cabernets offered.

Overall, in direct-to-consumer sales (direct from the winery), Cabernet Sauvignon was the most sold and fastest growing varietal wine during the past 12 months. In the off-premise channel, sales of Cabernet Sauvignon increased in all $5+ price segments.

This data does a lot to prove that the popularity of Cabernet Sauvignon – in a time when there is a heavy counter-culture against traditional varietal wines and a groundswell of support for natural wines, Rieslings and unpronouncable sommelier-championed wines – is by no means sagging, especially among online shoppers, in which the sought after Millennial demographic has a notable presence.

So what’s the deal with Cab Sauv’s unrelenting popularity?

Well, in the US, there’s a lot of California to go around, and a lot of quality Cabernet in it.  With the high dollar price tag on so many Cabs, it makes it easy for this popular variety to climb the charts.

Cab also has history on its side. For so many years, it’s been the easy and popular choice of red wine lovers. When in doubt, Cab it out!

So with online sales continuing to mount year to year, and the popularity of Cab showing no signs of flagging, there’s little chance the king will lose the throne.

Here are some stellar bets for your next Cab buy:

Long Meadow Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (Napa) – Feminine Cab more French than Napa. Chewy berries and sun-baked cigar leaves. Lovely complexity. Made from organic grapes.

Palmaz Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 – The king of Coombsville! Splendid Cab full of dark fruit, mocha and black tea. I daresay use the word “divine”.

Miner Emily’s Cuvee 2013 (Napa) – This Bordeaux-style blend of 95% Cab Sauv and 5% Cab Franc is bright yet rich. Well structured, with good balance.

Artesa Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Release 2012 (Napa) – Bright raspberries, plush tannins, velvety and nimble. A great example of a newer generation of Napa Cabs with restrained use of oak.

Jamieson Ranch Double Lariat Limited Production 2014 (Napa) – A delightful, crowd-pleaser of a Cabbie that’s very ready to drink despite its young age. Punches above its weight class.

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