Champagne Wishes and Apple Pie Dreams (Laurent-Perrier Brut in the Glass)


Nothing makes a hot summer day sparkle quite like Champagne, especially when it harkens memories of mom’s apple pie.

Laurent-Perrier, the Champagne house named after cellar master, Eugene Laurent, and his wife Mathilde Emilie Perrier, after it was willed to Laurent by founder Alphonse Pierlot. After Laurent’s death, Veuve was added to the title by his widow, Perrier (Veuve being the French word for widow, though Veuve Clicquot most likely already taught you that. No? Okay, here). Through the turmoils of the world wars, and with the widow Perrier’s passing, the house was eventually sold to the de Nonancourt family in 1939. The family maintains majority ownership of this now-colossal Champagne house to this day.

The Laurent-Perrier Brut, a gorgeous pale straw in the glass, bubble vigorously as if full of life. On the nose, this blend marked by a high percentage of Chardonnay greets you front and center with crisp apples followed by a subtle nose of cinnamon, baked apples and bread pudding. On the palate, it’s oh-so-fresh, crisp and balanced.

Thumbs up! …so I can hitchhike to get some more.


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