Delectable, King of the Wine Apps …for Now


DelectableThe app scene is an ever-changing landscape, but there’s one app that rules the roost at this moment – Delectable.

I downloaded the app recently thanks to Alder Yarrow who praised it over at this site, I’ve been through quite a few apps, and few of them have stuck. But with Delectable, it actually began playing a part on my wine adventures. “Why?”, you ask.

Here's a gander at my latest wine uploads.

Here’s a gander at my latest wine uploads.

Simply, it has a nearly daily use for me, allowing me to quickly capture a wine label from a bottle from which I’ve tasted, and enter my sometimes all too brief tasting notes, or heck, just notes on where I drank it, how much it cost, and whatever came to mind at that point in time. Deletable checks the label and after a few minutes, displays details about the wine like what it is, where it’s from, and who is the producer. This is something I really enjoy, because sometimes it’s hard to make out these details, especially on some foreign wines.

What’s better is that you can check the price of the wine, if it’s available, and see what other have thought of it, and other vintages of that same wine. This is where the social media kicks in. Delectable lets you follow wine lovers who share your tastes or tasting experiences, and comment on each others’ wine tasting experiences. You can also choose to have your wine entries (with notes included) tweeted through your account, and use Facebook to add the location where you enjoyed the wine.

The sliding scale and happy/frowny faces used for rating wines is right up my number-scale-hating alley, but might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Delectable has a simple user interface, and ramp-up is quick thanks to its great usability. Like any app, it has its drawbacks. If you’re a social media nut, interaction is limited (which, I think is a good thing), the wine pricing and availability is limited the United States, and editing your initial comments is either not possible or not at all easily discoverable.

But despite these very minor flaws, this is an app I use frequently and one I highly recommend. Download it here on the App Store.

And or the record, I have no commercial interest in, nor affiliation with Delectable or its creators in any way, form, or matter.